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I'm looking to do a V8 swap

2001 4.0 140k, New Heads 2k, NP231 w/SYE

Engine runs and works great. What is it worth?

Is this the place this post?


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Have you checked into New Jersey's auto emissions rules?
What is require to legally install a different engine and have it pass and receive its emission's certification?

Converting to a V8 is a very expensive, time consuming project, with all the electronic and emissions problems to figure out.

Stroking your existing 4.0 can provide 300-HP and a bunch torque, with a little planning. Installing it is a weekend job, since it's a direct bolt-in engine.
It is so simple compared to a conversion and will get you to the same place, unless you want a stupid amount of power.

With a well built engine, it will pass the smog test and, if left stock looking, will not catch the attention of the inspector. Good luck having the same with the V8.


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NJ doesn’t even check emissions anymore — basically they hook up to your computer, check for cleared codes — if none you pass — I have never seen them open a hood and look at an engine

95 and older OBD1 vehicles don’t need state inspection — bring one to the inspection station and they send you away