EPA "Clarification"


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It seems that the EPA has clarified their rules about modifying emission systems on street legal vehicles.

They won't allow it for any reason even if the vehicle will never see the street again.

SEMA is in an uproar - probably because a good portion of the members products affect the factory emissions systems.

How will this affect you?


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The same way as the silencer laws affect me ...

How would the EPA know for a vehicle that "will never see the street again"?


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I just thought it was interesting.

There was a time when I was looking for that extra couple of horses hear and there in my cars. But since getting into Jeeps, I've kept the engines stock as they are very dependable that way - and concentrate on the chassis/suspension/drivetrain to provide additional Off-Road performance.

But since this is a multi-facited hobby, not everyone likes trail riding/crawling and I was curious on how those that stroke, or even upgrade their engines currently deal with emission controls as much of this is basic engine management.

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