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I called the 4X4 MEGASTOREMPORIUM to get all of the lengths of my links checked as well as caster angle, and was told that since I had BDS springs and RE links they don't want to work on it!!
I will never darken their doorway again!! This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it will be the last!!!! If I need something I will visit another store or buy it from the web!! WTF is up with that sh!t!!! What a POS business!! Take heed guys, we shouldn't have to put up with that kind of BS!!
I called Brakes Plus and the guy said him and about four guys in the shop had lifted XJs, and he would love to work on my Jeep!!
That is how the other sh!t hole should be!! It's a shame that I get better service for my Jeep from a brake place than a 4X4 shop!!
Oh well, to BP my $$ goes!! Later!! Sorry for the rant, but that crap lights my fuse!!


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It seems like nowadays, more people find reasons not to work, and work hard at finding ways not to help people. At the Dealership I run, I will fire your ass in a heartbeat over shit like that.


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J&S Alignment on 8th street is very knowledgeable about jeeps and modified suspensions. Expensive, but honest.