Feeler: Parts for Stroker


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This is just a feeler!!

Have 95 block and head, 2K head, 2k intake, 95 exhaust manifold, two sets of long rods, 12 weight 4.2 crank (will get numbers off of it) 2k cps, 2k coil pack, 2k AC bracket, valve cover, water pump, oil pan. I know there is more but the only thing I can really say is missing is a cam.. All parts are used and I would fully check before usage. Crank journals are clean but still would get it turned. This was going to be #2 stroker for me buuuuuut things change.

I also made this adapter plate to modify the head for roller rockers (have not modded the head yet). http://members.tripod.com/~Mojo_Page/Rokr1.htm

All engine related parts I have im looking to get $500.. Again this is just a feeler. I may still want to build this motor at some point. Not dying for cash either.

Looking for 17" rims and 285x70 17's Rubies and GY duratracs


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ya, and multiple (expensive) cats, and a headache every smog check time. i am actually thinking of ditching the waggy and getting something 91-95 ish. not sure if rebuilding the renix engine is worth it. has a slight knock and a gremlin.