Feeler thread: IRO long arm/ track bar


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I'm thinking about selling my Iron Rock Offroad long arms, crossmember and double shear track bar. Only reason I am thinking about selling it is that I'm swapping to a D44HP with high steer and will need to change to a straight trackbar and the Y-link will be difficult to mount on the larger center section of the diff, so I might as well go 3 link. Kit was on for about 15 months, no issues and only wheeled Gold Mountain at So Cal Fest, maybe 8000 miles. All joints tight. New parts would be $599 long arm upgrade and double sheer track bar is $189 plus shipping so I thought $450 would be a good deal. I'm maybe a month out from doing the swap and that's when the parts would be available. I can post pics if there is interest. I'd rather not ship as it would be a better deal for a local.

-Thanks Charles
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I might be interested in it when the time comes, Was planning on the LA upgrade from them with my taxes. We'll see how things go this year though, not sure what my refund is going to be.