Fee's RoM 2013


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OK lets get this started..

Fee's for the park are what they are....we have no control over them

These fee's are for the park alone and not part of the event fee.

OK event prices........

Pre-registration - (till February 16th)$25.00 per person this includes 1 meal ticket, 1 event shirt, and an event sticker

Registration - (after February 16th) $10.00 per person this includes 1 meal ticket

-youth under the driving age of 16 are free (meal tickets, raffle tickets, and event swag additional)

-any individual under 18 will have to have a signed minor waiver by a legal parent and or guardian in order to participate in the event. We :NAXJA: have one to be signed. I will have the :NAXJA: waivers with me at the event or PM me and I can email you one if need be.

At the event
-shirts $20.00 each (will have a few at event and in limited quantity), Shirts will be of the same design as last year but will be changing the year of course..lol
-stickers $5.00 each same
design as the shirts
-meal ticket for Saturday night $2.00 per person

-raffle tickets---tba---

payment for pre-registration can be made to the RRC paypal account at redriverbod@naxja.org please put ROM 2013 in the header somewhere and who you are and your screen name of all that are pre-registering and shirt size in the info section as well for those that are pre-registering.
Use the same paypal email for the after the 16th of February registrations as well please. I will also accept cash at the event for anything else. Thank you