First ride of the season - 11/25/11


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NAXJA Member

Got out to Greenwater, WA for some post-turkey day riding.

I'm terrible at running a snowmobile. The damn thing has neither front dig, nor cutting brakes!

No pics of anything cool... My buddy has the Go-Pro running so maybe there will be some video of me going over the handle bars, loosing my self off the edge, running out of talent (even with a 155 track), and generally proving that I'm not good at riding sleds at all.


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Opie, Just good to see you are still getting out and enjoying yourself and posting once in a while!!

The snow looks nice! I have not been to see it yet, what is the quality like? What elevation were you guys at?



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I still get out. I read a lot more than I post. (and post mostly in the members and BOD forum).

Snow was pretty damn soft.

We unloaded around 2500 feet in minimal snow, but up around 4500 feet there was waste deep powder on some of the FS roads no one had been down so far this year.