flat drags monday


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huh, sounds like some fun. I thought about putting my truck in our local pull. But am not going too. I can't go beating up on my new DD lol.


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It'll be fine. It's on dirt. Hell my buddy ran 150 jet in his xj on a 35. 15 15lb bottles never XXXXed anything up. I don't know for sure if I'm spraying yet. I havent found anyone with a kit yet


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It'll be fine. It's on dirt.
excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably at this.

I don't mean to be rude.

but no, a D35 is never fine, I've seen them broken, in the dirt/mud with stock tires.

I broke 3 of them before 8.8

thre's one in my wife's DD that I'm keeping because it has an LSD, but even that thing scares me, it's a ticking time bomb of brokeness.


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Chapter BOD
Make sure you go out in the driveway, and tell the 35 what you plan on doing. Chances are, it will crap the bed right then and there.


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Ahh, yes!! I thought about that for a second. Either way...the days don't match in above posts compared to the title.

And I do need to go back to work. I'm the baby sitter today while Meganne is off doing things for her folks. Although both of those jobs seem to go back and forth between us.

Anyway...so. Yeah, it is Wednesday.


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Well i could.t get any spray lined up. Thank god. I'd be mad if I did for nothi.g. i registered for the races and the jeep class was class Q. At 11 they were only on class K so I said screw it and left wasn't waiting til 1 to race. I think I would've had it tho I looked over the other jeeps and they were pretty weak lol .......I thought. A pre 97 ended up winning. (he was spraying) nxt year hopefully ill be ready without spray. Want to regear and swap in a 8.8.