Footage from FF 2012


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If anyone would like the video footage I have from Fall fling, let me know and I can arrange to get you a copy.
I would assume anyone interested is likely to be on a run in the video - Golden Spike Friday, and The rim, pickle and mashed potato Saturday.

But if you oddly want a copy even if you are not in the video, that is fine as well. PM me. There are clips of what I got on Youtube - user name floydargue

Since the camera was on a tripod in some spots, there is some dead space that I have not bothered editing out :guitar:. I figure you can edit it as you see fit if you get one. I don't require payment, although if you want to paypal me some reimbursement for the postage (if needed), I am totally accepting of it!

See you next year for the big 30, I hope.