Four point ford injectors, axle shafts, gears


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Free 3.55 d44 gears
$50 yellow ford 4pnt from a 4.7 crown vic- 7 or 8 injectors, low miles and in great shape.
free new oil filter adaptor seal for a 4.0
$50- 30spln 5on4.5" bolt pattern toyota 8" shafts that will slide i to any ifs width yota housing. Complete with brakes/drums attached. There a Pretty rare shaft, the axle as a whole is said to be stonger than a 8.25 or equivilent to a danna 44.
$50 Homemade XJ Winch bumper-will get pics soon-well made and well over $50 in steel.
$20 winch plate for a CJ

Items needed-trailer tire spares: 5on5 with a 205-75-15.