Front shock questions


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My XJ has about a 4.5" lift installed by a previous owner. The front shocks have a bar pin eliminator on the bottom, but they also have a bracket on the top that is like a bar pin eliminator, such that the front shocks are the same double eyelet style as the rear shocks. When fully extended, they measure 22" long. I think I need to replace them.

So, what sort of shock do I need?

If I stick with the existing brackets I assume that shocks normally spec'd for the rear of an XJ are a bit different, given how much more weight is on the front.

Or, should I remove the the top brackets a bad idea because they don't allow the 360 degree flex that front shocks normally have at the top?


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Rear XJ shocks are bar pin up top and open on the bottom. Rear MJ shocks might be the ticket depending on the length.
You can do one of 2 things. Buy the appropriate XJ shocks and not use your BPE's, or buy an eye-eye mount shock of the length required to use your existing BPE's.
I recommend nothing less than a Bilstein 5100


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I decided I'm going to pull the top bracket out in the hopes it will lessen some noise. The way the shock moves looks to have beaten up the eye bushings causing one to hit the bracket. Ordered some Rancho RS9000XLs. There was a cheap open box one in the right size on Ebay.