FS- NP231 w/4:1 and Cable shifter available at NAC-Fest...

Andy in Pa.

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Xfer case has 78,000 miles on it, same as the Jeep. Its a 23 spline version. The 4:1 was put in around 40,000 miles, when I built the Jeep, and it has been in there ever since. It works great. Has never let me down. The chain is not rubbing or anything. Since its easy to do with it out, I would probably crack the case open and check and probably replace the chain, but if you didn't want to do that, it should be fine. $600 for you guys. After NAC-Fest it goes on the public forums for $750 and believe it or not, will sell quickly at that price.



Huh, what?
Aw man. I'm tempted. On one hand. I have a doubler halfway ready to go in, on the other hand this would be nice....