Fuel Pump Noise


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Trying to track a fuel pump whine noise down. I have an LS swap (sig) but I am running a Spectre stock XJ pump (Renix style XJ) so the fuel setup is stock. I just got back from a 3,200 mile trip in the Jeep and on days where I would be driving 6-8 hours the fuel pump would be screaming like a stuck pig. I physically felt the fuel tank a few times and it would be warm but not hot. I figured the pump was warming up and just straining. The noise would not go away when I filled up with fresh/cool fuel though. It seems to do it with time EI the longer I drive the louder it gets.

Just wondering if anyone has some ideas. Fuel trims wouldn't lean out or anything and I still had plenty of power, just noisy. I have no carpet in the cargo area so maybe that's the culprit?