Gallagher Head Lake 9-20-14


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A buddy of mine bought a 1960 Willys Pickup when he was 14, in Colorado. He drove it through college, then moved to WA, leaving the truck in CO with his folks. In march he went back to CO for a week of snowmobiling, borrowed my car hauler trailer and came back with the truck. A few long nights spent rebuilding the factory Dana 18 T-case, doing some wheel bearings, installing new steering parts, and he decided it was time to take the old truck out wheeling.

Not wanting to destroy it, we looked for some scenic wheeling in an area that we might be able to scout for snowmobile season. We decided to go into Gallagher Head Lake, north of Cle Elum, WA. After watching a few youtube videos of the 'Fortune Creek Trail', I decided to leave thee buggy at home and opted to wheel the tow rig.

Beginning of the trail -

Same buddy who owns the Willys, This is about 100 yards from there in the winter -

The promised creek crossings and scenery did not disappoint -

The 5.9L Cummins doesn't really do a good job cooking burritos, but I had to try -

At the lake - (our tents in the background)

We went for a hike down the "Boulder-De Roux" single track hiking / motorcycle trail, and came across a huge boulder filed, about 1/3 mile around the hill from the lake.
I might have to see if there are any 'trails' to get here in the buggy :shock:



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For reference, some of thouse boulders are taller than me - wicked lines in there, and could get wicked broken and wicked stuck - really easily...

Obligatory Coors photo -

On the way back out -

Hiking trail to Lake Anne off the 'Fortune Creek' trail. (need to come back on a snowmobile)

Some of the trees up there are HUGE!

All in all, a great trip. I wish I'd had a few less beers on Friday and felt a little better on Saturday - but I'm definitely stoked to come back on a sled, and do the same trip next year. :cheers1:


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Badass trip report, Opie!

I always find myself thinking of the cool obstacles for the Jeep when I'm out hiking as well. There's definitely some cool terrain out there locked away.

edit: Did your buddy ever mention selling his truck by chance? :D