Gears, 4.10's and 4.56's n' stuff.


I already made thread for these a while back but a bunch of stuff changed. I basically got these for free and I just want them gone and to make a couple bucks so make an offer. I will ship them for not much more money. Located in Albany NY.

Motive Gear, HP Dana 30, 4.10's $60 OBO

Basically new in the box, but I installed them by accident before I realized they were 4.10's, took them out before I ever drove on them. Hey at least you know they can get a good pattern.

Motive Gear, Chry 8.25, 4.56's $75 OBO

New in the box, never touched.

Mopar, LP D30, 4.10's $25 OBO

They are used but in really good shape. Came out of a 4cyl TJ. Keep in mind these are for a low pinion axle and short pinion (requires a TJ yoke).