Got bit by the go-fast bug.


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Ended up kinda like this. I also plated the under side of the frame rail and tied it into the Lii front stiffners. I used two pieces of stacked 1/8" plate on either side of the cans with 3 rosettes each. On the axle side I built pads off the coil buckets. It worked great until I found out air bumps are illegal for the Trail Mod class.

This is the only other pic I have right now. I'll snap a few more when I get my truck out of storage.



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Well this is where I'm at

Picked up and few things.

Sold a few things

She now looks like this

Started playing with a calculator. This is not final rendition

We've decided to sit out the last race of the season and put the money into the truck. Next year we'll sit a lot better within class rules.


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If it's a pic of a e-fan at the end of the whoop section. It's probably mine. I picked it up at the after the race.


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Yesterday we got the Chassis torn down and got the new drive train mocked. The guys at Campbell Ent. were kind enough to loan me a LS motor for mock up while the new LS6 is at Basko Racing engines getting a little freshening up. Luckily my pre tear down measurements were good and we don't have to deviate too much from the original plan. Some pics for viewing pleasure.

Got some 2" and 1.5" 6061 t6 for the new links.

Mocked up drivetrain.



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Started work on the chassis this weekend. Weight being the biggest concern we're cutting everything off that doesn't have to be there.

Andrew installing the Knuckle Busters brand front stiffners

Once the stiffners were on and windshield removed we slid the cage onto the new chassis so we can see what has to be changed and modified.

This is the basic look. The plan is to keep all the skins that don't impede function. So full body as possible is the direction I'm taking this build.


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hit me up next time you're out here John, you might want to look at my chassis

(no homo lol)

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This sucks. I'll post more entertaining stuff once it cools off. Two medium swamp coolers in a 30,000 sqft shop is pointless in a Arizona summer.


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Same class.

Sticking to Dirt Riot Trail Mod. I thought about a cheater car trailmod/4800. But, I can build a more fun rig (outside of racing) if I just keep it simple and stay out of the big boy league. Maybe another car down the road, if my skill level improves and get the needed support to do things right. My focus right now is to get a car dependable and competitive.

I may even try a BITD race. Something along the lines of Unlimited Sportsman.

These are the highlights:

Cut off everything that doesn't have to stay
HP 44/14bolt
Rear trailing arms
14" front travel
20" rear travel
Aluminum links throughout
Custom Truss' f/r