Everyone says I'm a jerk.
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Damn Mike, I thought I was the only one you were making the books for. :cry:

Did you decide how long to make the midget's winkie?


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I've thought about the coloring book idea alot, but it really wouldnt be worth my time unless i could sell a ton of them.. figure it would take me about 4 hours to draw out a simplified jeep, times 30 or so drawings.. you're looking at a thousand dollar job, and thats me figuring less than 10$ an hour for my labor. nobody is going to pay 1000$ for a coloring book ;) i would have to sell a hundreds to even make any money on them after printing and shipping costs were figured in.
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heehee! look what i started.

I have an idea though, why don't you just make the designs, and that's it. Sell digital copies for the consumer to buy and print out themselves.


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good idea.. i would buy them for my daughters. my oldest (3 in dec.) Loves jeeps when ever she sees one its (dad you see that, Jeep). So i am sure she would like them!