Head count


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Post up if you are coming. Also if you are bringing more people. I want to figure out how many people are coming for Saturday dinner. I will keep this post updated with who is coming.

iluv83vettes - 1
Crusher16 - 2
blenny - 4 (1 kale) +dog
xjintx - 1
IslanderOffRoad - 1 +dog(s)
teasipper - 2
Exxon Valdez - 2
Blurple - ~1
Cotton -1

Total - 12
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I'm coming and will bring my little puppy if I tent but if with New camper I'm not sure Susan will let me ;)


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Will has gone full tuner, you never go full tuner.
Talked him him briefly, he picked up some parts for me in round rock, actually one large part ;).


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Spoke with Will, he will try and make it... maybe not with XJ but to ride shotgun and harass us ;) :)


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I'm playing this one by ear. I can leave San Antonio on the 18th about 10:45, and could be to the park about 12:30. I need to leave the park by about 6:30 to be back in San Antonio by 8:30.

What is the Friday schedule shaping up to be?


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Sure thing....they come with an xj attached to them though. Price might be a little higher than you'd want to spend on kicks.