Hitch Harness


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Is there a hitch harness kit you can get for the Cherokee? I remember a few years back when I was first looking there might not be a "kit" and you just need to get a universal?

I got what I believe is a factory hitch off a jeep in the junk yard and was going to get a 4 wire to 7 way adapter so if and when I get a brake controller I can easier wire that into the available pins.

If there is a "kit" which one has the better connectors and correct length of cables?



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The body harness has connector behind the left rear panel (behind the spare tire mount), and you can get a factory sub-harness that plugs into that. I believe its a 7-pin connector but I'm not 100% sure. Your three legit options are (1) see if the dealer can get it and what they would charge, (2) search the junkyards for similar year XJ with a hitch and then pull the harness, or (3) wire up your own sub-harness and splice in your own connector. I would avoid aftermarket kits unless they specifically describe 7 wires.