Home, and thanks


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Agreed, another one in the books! Well done all, great event. Bob and I are home safe as well.

Victor S.

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Agreed. Also home safe. Thanks to all who helped with the set-up and organization of the event.After 8 years of not being in a jeep, both me and my son had a blast. All pic's that i had taken are on NAC page in facebook. Feel free to tag your self or anyone who's pic's are there. Again Thanks


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I made it all the way home and nothing broke! thanks for putting on a fantastic event as always!


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Karyn and I made it home without incident as well. Thanx again to all who made this year's NACFest another great one.

Rob, thanx for being our trail guide once again...


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1084 miles on the RV

Home safe last night around 7:30 pm after a great weekend.

Thanks to all.

mac ‘wish it wasn’t so far away’ gyvr


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Got home around 7:30 Sunday night.

Thanks to so many:

-The BOD for putting on this event

-Everyone in Moab that told me about it.

-All who led me around. Rob to the park the first day, Rich and Eric on the trails, and most importantly Bob to the beer store.

-Dan and Andy for talking me into chit

-Dan and Melissa for riding with me and keeping me entertained.

-Everyone that took pics and vids of my junk

-Most of all to the members who showed me so much good will. I love this club