Hub nuts?


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I was wondering what holds the front hubs to the axle? Is it a nut and a washer? Just a nut? Nut, washer, safety pin?

Does ORielys or Vatozone carry them? Or am I going to have to go to a junkyard to get them?

I have chromo axles waiting to be installed and was going to get new hubs for them so if I have to swap them on the side of the trail all I have to do is remove the three bolts that hold the hub to the knuckle. I didn't want to have to mess with the big ass nut on the side of the trail.


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The outer axle stub shaft goes through the unit bearing hub assembly, the 36mm nut holds it in place. The unit bearing hub assembly is held in the knuckle by 3 bolts with 12 point 13mm heads. These are not standard bolts, they're very hard and have a profile to them, I'd go to the dealer for these.

If you don't want to take that nut off, you'll need to carry at least another outer stub shaft & bearing assembly already bolted together, and you'd have to swap from the u-joint inward. Or, carry an entire spare axle shaft & bearing assembly (sort of expensive with chromoly axles.)


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I was going to use the stock axles complete from unit bearing to inner shaft as spares. I have completly new axles complete with unit bearings I am going to install. I don't want to remove the unit bearings from my old shafts so I need to know what attaches the unit bearing to the axle. That way I only have to remove the three 13mm bolts.

So, is there anything on there other then the 36mm nut? Is it a castle nut? With a washer? Or what?

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I think the wavy washer is there in the original, and it helps to push the cover snugly against the cotter pin. You can probably do without it, but put one in if you have one.


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There is no castle nut, least not on any of my XJ,s.

Going from in to out, there is a washer, a nut, a wave washer, a castle head keeper and a cotter pin.