Humboldt Roll Call


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NAXJA Member
Hey Dudes...
There seems to be a new influx of Cherokee nuts in this area. I live in Mckinleyville, and I work Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Eureka. I have been seeing built xj's everywhere... Theres a gold one with my Napier flares, a green one with a roof rack, and many more.

So who is around here? I saw an xj just yesterday in Mckinleyville... Had the Beijing jeep front swap.

I know Ivan is still around, not sure about tgoff. And I know theres a guy named Ian in Mckinleyville with a sweet older black xj.

If you see my xj, please wave! I'd love to wheel!
Untitled by Sean Mitchell 707, on Flickr

And my WJ daily driver.
Untitled by Sean Mitchell 707, on Flickr



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Yep, I'm still rolling around in Humboldt.

I have seen an influx of built up XJ's in the area. I do get a "Jeep wave" from time to time as we cross paths.

I hope more local folks chime in on this thread...


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WJ looks sweet. :) Do you just keep the spare on the floor in the back? Pretty sure there is no way to fit a 32" it into the stock location.