Hydro assist ram position


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I have a PSC hydro assist kit now so i need to figure out how to mount the ram. At first glance my two possibe options with my setup are below the tie rod, not great for the rock but could build a skid, or behind the tie rod and under the pan hard. I read about measuring throw and sway, I feel I understand that well.

Are there any benefits to running the ram over, under or behind the tie rod? Beside the obvious clearance issues, talking more in the since of clean steering angles. Don't want the ram killing TREs or causing them to roll



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As far as I know, if everything is kept parallel you should be ok. Look at the Cherokee tech section in pirate 4x4 there was some good hydro info there


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This is how I did my D44HP I didn't have enough room to put it behind tie rod at full lock and my tie rod is less than 1/2" at full bump so it couldn't go above.


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Just make sure nothing binds up throughout the throw/travel of the ram and tierod. Keeping the mounting bolts vertical and letting the ram swing slightly backward/forward allows me to get away with no misalignment spacers or anything. Mounted off the diff cover and a large skid below the ram