i need a job 2


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so im usually not one to complain, but im only making $150 a week right now and im struggling to get by. if anyone could help me find a good job that would be great.

customer service-call center
lube technician, with management experience
shipping/receiving-forklift experience
i also know how to drive a tow truck

any help is greatly appreciated guys.


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I work in the receiving department at burlington coat facotry, I make 9 bucks an hour and get 150-200 a week depending on hours... I am looking at going back to my old job so i can have more money to mess with my heep and maybe buy a little car to drive (i have been driving my brothers for the past couple hours... its awesome.... But good luck on the search.


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Depending on the hours i work... for 20 hours i get 150 ( I get raped on taxes...) and for 40 i get 280


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You might wanna look into getting into a trade. Carpenter, HVAC, Plumper, Pipe Fitter, Electrician, or concrete. Once you spend a few years in one of those trades you can make some good money.

If you are single and do not mind traveling all over here is great company to work for. My boss worked there for 11 years and cleared 100k a year. They pay for you apartment and living costs when you move around. If I did not have kids and a wife I would do it. My boss has over a million in the bank thanks to this company.



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I worked for bechtel and am thinking it a union shop I posted up a couple of jobs the place on colorado and countyline where you get your car smogged and Apria is hiring they are a home health care co it is a delivery driver delivering oxygen and other health care stuff to old sick people they do not pay 30.00 a hour but more than min wage and they are full time


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I think those tow truck jobs Yella posted are for repo work

One of 'em might be, but the others want flat bed operators........ no repo guy is gonna go snatch a car using a flat bed....... too noisy and takes too long. :thumbup:

I briefly considered getting a repo stinger put on my truck and doing that as side work....... but those stingers are $10K and ya gotta get special insurance......


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couple of my bike buddies do repo...
supriseingly business is down!
banks are being a lil more lenient(i know--spelling)
and trying to get any money they can because of the economy...so maybe not the best route...
i know it sounds dumb but check into nurseries...they always need elivery drivers