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So we did it. Dropped Indy but took freedom out. Big thanks to led for the spot here's a few shots.X



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I had fun watching... Great meeting some more people. Specifically the stanton family.
But damn i need a lifted xj SOON.

Frank Z

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Great day, great people....great carnage.
I lost a fan belt on the way to the trail head and had to borrow my son's heep to go get another two (yeah I bought a spare).

Walked down the trail and watched the buggies drop down bunker hill where my buddy James snapped a u-joint on his front D44 which also took out his drivers side inner shaft. We walked out ahead of him and a few hundred yards ahead he snapped the rear drivers side D60 shaft. We pulled a lot of cable to get him out.

A great day!!

Pics up soon


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This was the place to be today!

I had a blast, got to meet some people for the first time and visit with others again. There are no words for the way I felt as Anna wiped dust from the stone.

Pics and video will have to wait for me to get home from that J-O-B thing on Monday.


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The reason I drove to a trail I can't run...

I'll get more stuff posted later, still having trouble getting anything done with one video.


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Great pics, guys, sorry I missed it -- the family at the memorial stone really says it all.:thumbup:


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well worth the trip. its hard to see families going through the lose of and loved one to the war. brings back lots of heart felt memories from over seas. all i can say is GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!

on a brighter note i was a little ticked off about not getting up the last obstacle of freedom as easily as i would have like. front locker here you come!