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Hey hey
I am brand spanking new to the forums. Been lurking for a few months working on the ole '89 2door sport....
I am def going to put in an external fuel pump.
Can someone kindly link me to any articles they know of on this?
much thanks in advance.
1989 Cherokee sport 2 door limited.... 168k original miles, all factory
already done,
timing chain and gears, all engine sensors, fuel rail, dist, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, etc. etc.
basically i need to put a new oil pan gasket on it and that is it other than the fuel pump issues....
tired of dropping a tank
muchos gracias for any light in this dark old head


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Hey Rob, Thanks for the reply man,
Here goes....
I just hate dropping the tank, especially getting the new o-ring to seal.
I am on the 2nd pump in under a year, airtex crap then a decent delphi.
Still its a pain.
i need a high output inline pump and i am wondering what max pressure to the regulator on the rail can be? I think the 89 was still around 40psi. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good external. I have heard of ones from old fords being used...
. I would just cut an access hatch, it it were a 4 door. but this little 2 door is still completely unmolested, like its still got the factor alternator and it works.
every inline pump i can find is like 4psi. I don't think that would be enough to even pressurize the rail.


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My '93 is on 33" tyres with about 4.5" of lift and I changed the fuel pump without dropping the steel fuel tank or even jacking the Jeep up. I fitted an aftermarket pump for a Toyota Supra with some modifications to the pickup filter but I managed to get the old pump out and the new pump in without dropping the tank. You will likely curse doing it, but it is doable.

Rob Mayercik

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Technically dropping the tank isn't necessary, as Vince pointed out.

Since that's how you changed the last couple pumps, do you recall the condition of fuel you drained out, and how the inside of the tank looked?

Two pumps in a year, while not being out of the realm of being simply due to bad quality, does make me wonder if there's more at play here than just really poor-quality parts - perhaps the inside of the tank is rusty, or one of the rubber things (breathers, grommets, filler neck connections) might have degraded to the point of not "sealing out" stuff that shouldn't be in the tank.

Oh, another thought - have you ever changed the fuel filter on this thing? would be on the driver's side frame rail, back near the tank. If that's really old and it's fairly plugged up, it might be forcing the pump to work too hard (and burn itself out faster)...