installed christmas lights now high idle and stuck in first gear -_-


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so i have a 1996 xj 4.0 aw4. i was puting a wreath and a string of lights on my xj for the first time. i got an inverter but had to run an extension cord from the inverter to the lights on my bumper. i think while i was trying to fit the extension cord through the firewall i may have hit something thats causing my xj to idle at around 1200-1500 rpms. when it goes into drive it idles normal but then it will not shift out of gear. the onlky thing i could have hit was the hard plastice vacumm line from the valve cover to the intake manifold (forgot the name) but it looks like the end of the line on the intake side is cracked. could that be it? thanks in advance. and yes i have searched ;)


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I really thought you meant you installed lights on your house and then the jeep problem began. Would have been quite tough to troubleshoot that one.