Iron Rock Offroad lift question


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I've installed a 4in IRO lift on my 99 XJ. No problem!

A week later, I installed a 6.5in IRO critical path long arm lift on my 01 XJ and the front is sitting about 3 inches lower than the Rear.

I put a level on the XJ before and after lift install. Level before but now I have to jack up the front about 3 inches to get it level. Front coils for 6.5 lift measure about 21.5 to 21.75 inches without load.

Just curious if anyone has any idea what may be causing this? Haven't got anything solid from IRO yet.

1. I have driven it around to allow for settle.
2. I have adjusted caster adjustment to proper and varying adjustments tobsee if this will fix. Nope
3. 23.5 in between fender and hub center with lift installed and while sitting on ground.

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The iron rock rear leaf springs are 10% stiffer than stock. Throw all of your camping gear in the back and it will even out.

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When you installed the leaf springs and other parts, did you tighten the bolts before or after the vehicle was under it's own weight?
Also your "23.5" measurement in the front or rear? Stock flares no trimming?
Front stock should be 17.5" approx and rear 17" even. So, if your measurement in the front is 23.5 that is 6"
Do you have shackle relocation brackets? adjustable/aftermarket shackles?
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The frame to axle measurement is best to take out variables. I can't recall the link with the location to measure though.