ISO 1999 front pipe with pre-cat


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I am in search of a 1999 front pipe (down pipe) that has a pre-cat in it. My XJ, previously owned by Andy, has a nice custom down pipe the is tucked up out of the way and clears the front driveshaft, but since it was purchased in California it needs to have the pre-cat that was originally on the vehicle in order to pass smog. The problem is that this part is discontinued and although the part is listed on many online parts stores, once you call to verify that they do have the part they always apologize that they do not have one and don't know why it is on their site still. I have had this Jeep pass smog twice before at the same place with the current exhaust, so I don't know if CARB is cracking down on the visual inspections or if it is just the guy that checked it this time but I would rather have one installed and not try to play the "find-a-shop-that-will-ignore-the-missing-cat" game.

If you have and extra one, or see on in a junk yard, let me know. Since these things usually have some precious metals in them I doubt it would even make it into a pick-a-part, but it is also a pre-cat so it might be missed.

The price online was $280ish to $320ish plus a $200 core. I will gladly pay that for a new one if you find one and eat the core since mine is custom. If you find a used one I will try that also and pay about half price.


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For the kind of money you're talking, any exhaust shop could make one that "looks" correct.

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Your more than welcome to borrow mine if you want to come remove it and reinstall it. But on that note if you are coming this way, I don't think that my smog guy would hit you on that.


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Not seen one of those afore. Glad I don't got one.