It's registration time!!

Bryan C.

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2 months away, getting closer all the time.:sunshine:

Time to start registering for Sierra Fest!!

Please make all payments via paypal to If you prefer not to use paypal, please PM me for my address and you can send me a check.

The event fee is broken down as follows:

$15 per vehicle for the group campground at Icehouse Resort for the night of Sunday, August 13th.

$10 per vehicle for Rubicon Springs on the night of Wednesday, August 16th.

$10 per person for the fundraiser dinner on Sunday August 13th at Icehouse Resort.

T-shirts are still in the works and a final cost has yet to be determined. Please do not send any money for t-shirts. Simply note down how many shirts you would like.

Please send the following information, along with the appropriate payments, via paypal to

Your NAXJA username

Your real name

How many guests for the dinner?

How many vehicles?

Applicable camping fees

# of t-shirts and sizes needed

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you on the trail in August,

Bryan C.

Bryan C.

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One month and counting.

T-shirts pre-orders also are now being taken. Cost is $20 per shirt. Slightly more for XXL and above.

I will accept late registrations and fee payment at the actual event, however I would prefer registration and fee payment prior to the event via paypal. Thanks in advance.

Bryan C.

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T-shirts, designed by Letterman.

Black shirt, design on front only. $25

Grey shirt, design front and back. $20

Thanks again dave, great shirts!

Bryan C.

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For those interested in attending this run, please register soon. This run is in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of interest. Please, if you want to go on this run, register now.

Please keep this run alive, register now.


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Don't cancel!!!!!!!

I'm going to send my registration as soon as I put some money into my PayPal account. You should see it early next week. There might one or two local friends of mine going also - they are on NAXJA but don't know if they are paying members. I'll remind them that they need to register!


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Close up on the shirt design
The front pocket:

Back of the Gray shirt or front of the black (some text in white for the black shirt)

(on a side note, Bryan did not want his photo to be the one on the shirt, after 6 or 7 designs I ended up with this design looking the best)
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