JCR stage 2 sliders......bolt them or weld them?


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i find welding it scary in case you need to remove it for some reason or another, such as adding long arms or suspension stuff.


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If you have stiffeners, weld them. I had them bolted originally, and they came off when I put the rock krawler 3-link and TNT stiffners on. I cut them up to move the forward arm back so that it wouldn't interfere with the 3-link mount. Also, because the stiffners moved them outboard 3/16", i had to cut off the pinchseam mount and move it in 3/16". Just keep that in mind since you now have stiffners on.


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Weld em on. You should be able to cut them off faster than unbolting if you have to remove them for some reason.


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I bolted mine, and stiched any spot that would be easily accessible with a grinder... I have stiffeners and long arms already, so hopefully those suckers wont ever need to come off! But, if they do, it wouldn't be a big deal