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I just got an e-mail from the TEN Network of publishers. JP Magazine has been discontinued.

I've got every single issue dating back to 2000.

Bad way to start a week.

Rob Mayercik

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Well, shoot. I took out a 3-year sub the last time I went to the Jeep show in York, PA. Think I'm only about half-way through that.

Guess I've got one of those letters on the way to me now...

Edit: At least I got some of the issues I paid for with this, unlike Crawl Mag back in 08 after the 25th...
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That's too bad.

I remember some of their earlier articles, like a cross reference of XJ axles.
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They are going to online content.

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Update: Got my letter in the mail yesterday.

They're offering JP subscribers an online subscription, plus 6 months free access to the Motor Trend streaming service. Maybe I'll binge on Dirt Every Day while I have the freebie.