Jumps out of hi range.


I got a problem with my transfer case.

'90 XJ, 4.0, AW4, 231J w/SYE.

Chain was slipping, so I replaced it. I adjusted the linkage. All good in 4lo. Jumps out of 2Hi or 4Hi after I drive it a couple of blocks. Doesn't feel like it's going in the high range far enough and It's got a whine in it now. Adjusted linkage a dozen times. Tried putting it in 2HI by hand, still jumps out. I can hold it in 2Hi.

Could I have gotten the shift fork on wrong? It was fine when I started just chain slipping in 4wd. Also the plastic pads on the forks were not in good shape. Could they cause the range fork to not allow it to engage fully? :dunno:
Thanks in advance.