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So I bought a HP D30 to replace my disco D30 housing (couldn't get the inner axle seal to seal correctly) and I have a question about the knuckles. My old housing has the knuckles plus a separate caliper bracket and the newer housing I got from a newer XJ has the caliper mount built into the knuckle.

My question is this: Is there any inherent advantage to using either knuckle setup? I would prefer using my old knuckles since I could use known good calipers instead of taking my chances with the calipers that came with my new/used axle.



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One thing I know about the newer knuckles is that the brake pads have a tendency to wear grooves into them where they rest on them. These grooves get deeper with time and probably do not improve braking performance. The fix is to weld them up and grind them smooth again. Examine the new ones (have to remove brake pads to do so) for such wear. If they are good and you do not intend to run them, still do not junk them. Someone may want them.

The only disadvantage I know of with regard to the old knuckles is that you probably don't have any options to improve them. I don't think Black Magic offers anything for those, and I am not aware of any other possibilities.

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Parts and brake upgrade kits are more commonly available for the newer brake systems.
Knuckls are interchangeable

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The older knuckles are used when going to the 'big brake' kits.

Save the older knuckles or swap them now.........if you ever wanted to go big in the future.