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I searched and found most of the info I wanted or needed except for one crutial thing for front leaf spring conversion...Front leaf springs. I have a set of rear 91 wrangler measuring 43inches eye to eye, That will work with what I've already done, I was just curious on what you other guys used to get the lift you have. thanks for any input you can share.



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I don't know but would also like to find out. Since I plan on starting with 3"-4" of lift. I am wondering if I can do this with the YJ springs. I did this on an explorer using stock YJ springs and a d30 but it netted 6" of lift, rides better than stock though. Anyhow I hope we can find out since I like leafs, and would like to use them on my XJ. If you need any help with the conversion I am a fabricator and can send you some pics of the Explorer.


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i've used several different leaf packs on mine:

brand new 7 leaf Waggys net about 6 inches
used stock YJ springs net about 4.5 inches
3.5" YJ (BDS) springs net about 8 inches

If you use stock YJ leafs I would recommend chopping the eyes off another main-leaf and adding it to the pack.

If you're looking for a small lift, under 4.5 inches, you could always use lift springs run Spring Under