LED Headlights ?


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Delta also makes LEDs but idk how good they do. granted everything ive bought from them has been top notch


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Thanks for the replies.
I've looked at several on Amazon, and there's a big
difference in pricing. I think the better ones have
a metal reflector, and the others have plated
plastic reflectors.

It seems like these LED lights would be ideal to
reduce the load on the light switch and solve the
heat problem, without resorting to modifing the
wiring harness with relays...


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I have these on two of mine. Super bright (don't turn on my light bar anymore) and have been problem free. eBay item number 132131011935. They are bright but don't seem to blind oncoming traffic. No one has ever flashed their headlights at me like my previous vehicles with aftermarket headlights. I've had one set completely underwater for about 45 minutes and they remained dry.