looking to trade coils

I have a slightly used set of Rustys 6.5" coils that are still easily that and I am wanting to go down to a 5.5" set.
My rear leafs have sagged and I have WAY more than enough room to stuff my tires so down she comes.

I would like trade someone that might be using spacers to make there 5.5" coils work maybe??

They ride great, but then again I have long arms so it would be hard to screw that up.
I am gonna hold off though for now since after unloading my jeep it is now sitting rear high again.
I guess I just had more crap in there than I thought.


If your interested Chris, let me know. If I decide to do it after all, I will contact you.


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ye let me know ! after my bumper the front is sting a little low and i dont even have a wench on there yet . but low is a relitive term ,i gess i could lower the back some more to level it better ?? the re springs are kinda soft so thats why i was askin !! really it was !


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i have a set of 4.5 off a jeep i recently bought don't know age but i would guess 1-2 years, little less but if they'll work i'm not using them i went up to 6.5 already.