Looky Looky


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Christmas in July!
Can I have some Presents, too? LOL

Looks like you are building some Awesome Assemblies!

Time to do a Road Trip to Arizona. LOL


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Look what was at my house today
Axles are almost done
Looks like you are workin on a 3 link front....... Did you shave that 9 before adding all that plate? Not bad, would like to know how that Zip locker works out!!


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Well I don't plan on running anything bigger then 35s so it should be fine and ya I putthat plate on there I think it will do some good

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Very nice looking axle housings. Definitely post-up after you get some trail time on the Zip-Locker, let us know what you think of it.


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Oh trust me I will after reading all the post on it if it turns out to be junk ill swap it out with a arb I'm always willing to give a new product a chance


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IF my memory serves me correct the IFS Ford 8.8 is a High pinion Reverse Cut gear. And the gear is thinner than a normal 8.8 ring gear. The IFS version comes close in rating to a standard 8.8 ring gear and that is pretty much 35s depending on rig and wheel weight.

Either way, nice shinny pretty new parts. /jealous