Might be my last bod post.


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This is a copy of a message I got. And my response to it. Just wanted to give you two a heads up. And is it me or does his message to me sound like a kid saying...... I'm telling mommy on you....

Well here it is...........

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Can you please renew your membership asap.

A requirement for being on any chapter BOD is to have current membership. Your's has been up for a while and I know that the past president also brought this to your attention. It needs to be addressed asap or you will need to be replaced on your BOD. If your BOD doesn't take action then the National BOD will have to step in.

I don't want to have to do anything, I want you and your BOD to run your chapter. Please renew your membership.


P.S. If this is not addressed in the next week, I will bring this up to your BOD and go from there. I do not want to do that.

The others in the RRC already know about it. I am trying to get things in my life straightened out. I do not have the extra 35.00 to renew right now. That is the bottom line. I most likely will be stepping down after out March event. I will then put any remaining monies into the RRC PayPal account and close the account I had made at the bank for RRC so my name is not on checks or a bank card. My mental well being comes befor any club, sorry. My chapter is falling apart at the fault of its members. The bod has tried and tried and we get no participation but once a year for our event. I am done and will move on. I will still be visiting the site but not as I have in the past. And we have discussed a new treasurer in the past. There where no good candidates. We have so many kids or adults that like to behave that way it's getting ridiculous. But that is what is going on. I have given my all and have had headaches in return. And yes I have receipts for every transaction and money transfers i have made with the RRC monies to give to the next treasurer. I like paper trails.....


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You do what you need to do for you. At ROM, we can discuss what it'll take for me to step in and fulfill your responsibilities. You probably do the most work out of all three of us and it's not fair.