MJ seat options?


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First off the bench seat in my MJ sucks, but I can haul around my 2 kids if need be (tight w/ car seats but doable) My 1st thought was XJ seats as they are cheap and plentiful, but can't take both the kids this way.

Has anyone swapped in a 60/40 bench from a dakota or something? This way i get a more bucket feel w/ head rests, maybe even a fold down center consol and if I am really lucky cup holders with it (very usefull with a stupid Nextel and coffee)

Yes I searched but only found posts on newer MJ benches, MJ buckets and XJ buckets and even ZJ heated leather swapped in.



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I had this problem with two kids getting bigger every day. My MJ is the long bed version so this is what I did:

Bought a camper shell for $100
Bought a removable mini-van seat for $25
Paid an off road race place here in town to fab roll bars/cage for the bed and mount the seat(its removable by one person) cost was approx $700 total labor and parts.
camper shell fits over the cage/bars in case of rain.

pics are coming soon.