Moparmans Commando Build


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I've had a few XJs and MJs, and a ZJ but never owned a pre-smog Jeep. This thing popped up on craigslist about 30 minutes from me and I jumped on it (about a year ago now). It sat for around 15 years but ran and drove, somewhat. It has the 225 Dauntless v6, t86 3 speed, and d20 tcase. I have a T15 tranny to swap in as well. Did all the regular stuff and got it running and driving safe enough. Swapped the closed knuckle d27 for a CJ d30 and swapped a big chevy disc brake kit on it. I have a matching CJ d44 to go in as well which should be happening soon. I have some lofty plans for this thing that will take place pretty slowly over the next few(many) years. For those who don't know, the Commando was the predecessor to the full size Cherokee. My model is known as the C101 (101=wheelbase) and was made from ~66-71. In 72 they came out with the "Bullnose" Commando C104 and the name change from Jeepster to Jeep. This is also when the Commando changed ownership from Kaiser to AMC. Plans on the short list is rear axle swap, carb problems, tuning, t15 swap, Hydraulic clutch fab/install, Tilt column swap. Here's a few pics:

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Looks good. I just picked up a 1970 Jeepster. Been looking for one for many years. Interested in the T15 swap as my T14 trans was in the back and missing all the internals.