More Photos :D


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Parker goes in Mickey's Hot Tub

Parker's up

And Parker driving out of Mickey's Hot Tub

Brian getting some air

A smile of his face

Now that's not right on Wayne's rig

Wow, they don't make leaf springs like they used to

The group and working on Wayne's rig

Dragonfly watches on

Main leaf repair, may not be pretty but if it get you off the trail



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Parker finding the limits of a stock suspension

Janine flexing her Jeep

A quick group shot

Parker on Potato Salad Hill

Almost up

At the top



Got Shafted
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Parker got a new jeep!
I bent a rod on my gold jeep before the trip and did not get it running in time. This is my stock sissy jeep, I had to bring something out to represent. You coming out next year for the 30th bud?

Let's just say a second Jeep. :D
Mike, thanks for the pictures! I had a blast running the trail with you, it was fun having a little bit of persuasion to try the hot tub.


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Looking Glass Arch

Local resident

Water tank and pump shack

Cave house

Inside cave house

Part of the community at Hatch Rock

Canyonlands/Needles overlook

Cave house ranch

Main living area

Rain water collecting cistern

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