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hey i thought about moving up to colorado from phoenix az. im really tired of all the bs in az. what r the winters like up there and hows the wheelin


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Weather is really mild around here. You will get all 4 seasons for sure! The wheeling is some of the best in the US!! :patriot:


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dude get your @$$ up here before that summer heat.

i grew up in tucson and moved here when i was 10, i went back down for some school and after one semester said screw it and came back up here. you'll be much happier.


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His occupation is a exotic male dancer.....Flores would not want to leave back to TX if u came out here!!!
He could support your entire family just off of his private shows man


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Actually, yesterday i went through all 4 seasons in a matter of 2 hours. Sunny and warm, cool and cloudy, rain, and snow. Only in colorado