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On November 15, 2013, polls were opened for MWC elections for the positions of President, Vice President and Recorder. On November 29, 2013, MWC election polls were closed with decisions.

President Dan "Fore Wheeler" Wheeler won re-election gaining a total of 47 votes.
Director Matt "macgyvr" Rowland won the position of Vice President. Vote tallies were macgyvr - 36 and Austin "99SJ_Ex" Lee - 14.
Member Kelsey "kmanxj5050" Halladay won the position of Recorder. Vote tallies were kmanxj5050 - 26, Josh "RedHeep" James - 6 and Josh "XJosh95" Firestone - 23.

A total of 51 members voted in the Recorder election, which is an outstanding voter turnout! The BOD would like to thank all members for their participation in the nominations, running and voting. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

On a personal note; as my tenure as your Recorder comes to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support. I was my pleasure to serve you, the membership, and I am very thankful for the votes I received in this election.


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On 01/01/2014 President Fore Wheeler made a motion to purchase a Warn VR8000 winch from 4 wheel parts (one of NAXJA's vendors) for the special raffle for Winterfest 2014. The motion was voted on by all five of the MWC B.O.D members and was passed unanimously.


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On 02/27/2014 President Fore Wheeler made a motion to give raffle tickets to trail leaders at Winter Fest. This motion was not passed by the B.O.D.

Aye - 2
Nay - 3


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On 04/11/2014 President Fore Wheeler made a motion to donate $250 to 4 Wheel 2 Heal on top of the proceeds from the patches that Overdriven is selling.

This passed by a unanimous vote by the B.O.D.


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On 5/5/14 President Forewheeler made a motion to give the winch that was won from the membership drive away at the fall trail clean-up, the only people allowed to be in the drawing for the free winch are those who attend AND participate in the clean-up.

This motion was passed a vote of 4 ayes and 1 nay.


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For immediate release:

Sept 27th, 2014, Dugger, IN - The Midwest Chapter (MWC) of the North American XJ association (NAXJA), recently held their fall clean up and trail maintenance run at the Redbird State Riding Area. The MWC has been visiting the park since 2004. Since 2007, the MWC has made a commitment to have a trail clean up twice a year at Redbird SRA. Trail 21 is the trail that the MWC has adopted.

The day started off with a clean up ride and trail maintenance and on trail 21. Rip rap, which is big filler rock, was added to the start of trail 21 to several particular areas that are known to be very muddy and nearly impassible at times. Another particularly bad spot, that had claimed many XJ rear tail lights and done damage to rigs of all shapes and sizes was able to be filled in with rip rap that the MWC was able to provide.

Before and after:

After the work on Trail 21, the group was able to have lunch. After lunch, the group then went over to look at possible future work on another trail. In getting to that trail, more rip rap, made possible by the MWC had been placed across a muddy ditch making accessing the trail a bit nicer.

Ten rigs, 16 members and 25 people participated in the clean up and trail maintenance.

Each year in March, the national chapter of NAXJA has a membership drive. Along with individual prizes for members that join or renew, each of the 10 chapters competes to see who can get highest percentage of members to join. The MWC won the award this year and the national chapter of NAXJA purchased a winch to be given away. As an incentive to attend the clean up, the MWC decided to give the winch away to one of the members in attendance at the clean up. The winch, which is a XRC-9.5K WINCH GEN2, was won by NAXJA member J.R. Harrison.

The national chapter of NAXJA also matches chapter donations for land use related causes of up to $500 each year. This year the MWC decided to use that to make a donation to Redbird Station. Redbird Station is a campground located near Redbird SRA that is primarily supported by donations. The campground caretaker, Kenny, has been trying to pour concrete for the very nice and clean bathrooms and shower area of the campground. The donation will allow for the concrete to be poured so that anyone using the campground to enjoy Redbird SRA will have a nice place to camp during their visit.

Kenny (right) accepts the check from MWC treasurer John Popp (left).

The MWC would like to thank Redbird SRA and the Indiana DNR for allowing them to help with the trail clean up, maintenance, and use of equipment, Redbird Station, the national NAXJA club and members, and all of the sponsors who have supported and continue to support NAXJA on all levels.

The attached PDF is available for anyone to download and share.

For more information on naxja,



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Thanks to all of those that attended this year's Winter Fest. It was another awesome event that wouldn't be possible with out all of our great members. Here is a list of winners from our raffle.

1. Yeti Cooler tan – Gene Engelking
2. Yeti Cooler White – Jason Durbin
3. Rusty’s $100 GC – Matt Rowland
4. Rusty’s $50 GC – Aaron Thompson
5. Tom Woods bag, hat and $50 GC – Jim
6. Ho balls – Brian Taylor
7. Hat, Sticker, and $50 Smash hole GC – Matt Patterson
8. Badlands sticker, day pass and shirt – Collin McCormick
9. Weather Tech surprise – Samri Wilson
10. IRO 8.25 Truss – Zac Collins
11. IRO bumper brackets – Collin McCormick
12. IRO H&T and Jig – Matt Bafaro
13. Steering Box spacer – Derek Smith
14. Logans $100 GC, yeti stuff and 4WD calendar – Craig Kaufman
15. Logans Winch Bumper – Pat Main
16. IRO D30 gusset kit – Zac Collins
17. Napier hood vents – Thomas Cubberley
18. $100 Logans GC and yeti stuff – Kelly Martin
19. Badlands day pass, shirt and stickers – Kim Delveaux
20. 50” Smash Hole LED bar – Andrew Settle
21. Robbies $25 GC, Pizza King GC and T shirt – Dan Wheeler
22. $50 Napier GC, 4WD calendar and Tom Woods hat – Kim Delveaux
23. IRO XJ brake hose kit – Jim Stanfield
24. Ares Winch bumper – Todd Carpenter
25. RCV bag and Streamlight headlight – Collin McCormick
26. IRO steering Box spacer and JakeWI sticker – Zac Collins
27. IRO 8.25 U bolt kit – Travis McVey
28. Logans $100 GC, yeti swag and Tom Woods hat – Kim Delveaux
29. IRO steering box spacer and Tom Woods hat – Matt Rowland
30. $100 Tom Woods GC and hat – Sean Ryan
31. Warn Accesory kit – Andy Gennette
32. Weather Tech surprise and Tom Woods hat – Matt Bohl
33. Rock Auto $25 GC and swag – Charles Suter
34. Ho balls – Gene Engelking
35. Badlands Stuff – Charles Suter
36. IRO bumper brackets – Sylvia Engel
37. Logans $100 GC and Swag – Gene Engelking
38. Badlands Stuff – Matt Rowland
39. Tom Woods $150 GC and swag – Kim Delveaux
40. IRO frame stiffeners and Tom Woods hat – Steve Luccioni
41. $500 Metal Cloak GC – Josh James
42. JCR Offroad $50 GC and swag – Andy Gennette
43. Logans $100 GC – Jeff Parker
44. Ruff Stuff steering kit – Travis McVey
45. Swag and stickers – Brad Nabholz
46. D35/44 Ubolt kit – Jerry Cockrum
47. Swag – Bob Loose
48. Stickers – Jerry Cockrum
49. Stickers and Coozie – Nick bafaro
50. Stickers – Kim Delveaux
51. D30 sleeve kit – Matt Rowland


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On 09/10/2015 president Dan "Fore Wheeler" Wheeler announced his resignation. At this time our current vice president will take over presidential responsibilities.


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On 9/15/2015 President Matt "MacGyver" Rowland motioned that we wait until the general election in November to replace the currently vacant Vice President's position. The person winning will take office at the conclusion of the election.

This passed by a unanimous vote by the B.O.D.


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I missed adding a post to this thread back in April, my apologies.

On 04/09/2015 President Dan "Fore Wheeler" Wheeler motioned that we change the November 2015 election for president to a one year term, changing it back automatically to a two-year term in 2016.

This passed by a unanimous vote by the B.O.D.


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On Novemeber 30th 2015 voting polls closed for three MWC BOD positions. Although being a nail biter these are your winners!!

Matt "macgyver" Rowland is the new President
Byron "IllianaXJ" Fourman is the new Vice President
Ben "Jeepguy91" Evilsizor in the new Recorder.

I would like to personally thank everyone that stood behind me in my term as Recorder and give the new BOD my best in their terms.


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On 1-6-2016 the MWC BOD has passed the following bylaw amendment.

Past MWC presidents retain access to the BOD forum under the following conditions:
A. They are not recalled from their current term.
B. They do not resign from their current term.
C. They do not let their membership lapse for more than 90 days.

This amendment would be effective immediately upon passing. Any prior MWC BOD president is grandfathered in.


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On November 29th 2015 voting polls closed for three MWC BOD positions. Here are the winners.

Matt "macgyver" Rowland is the President
Brad "GoSlowGetStuck" Nobholz is new Treaserer
Pat "Outkastboss" Matterson is new Director at Large
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