My New Ride... LOL


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Okay sold th eother heep and picked this one up last night. No I am not going to sell it for a while..

It has a budget boost
aftermarket wheels...anyone want them? lol
custom front bumper.

It needs first and formost brake pads then a radio, antenna, seat covers



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Love you too :kissyou:

Just wait..I forgot to add that it needs a head liner...going to go with a camo one like my 94 had...


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2 door??? Don't you have a little one??
You got any experience doing Headliners? I gotta do mine too... and No Camo here.....:viking:


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That one looks much better than the last one. I can't see wires sticking thru any of these tires.

I've always liked the 2 doors with the vent window.


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Heather Call Matt. He is the hook up on Headliners. Love the 2 door's!


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Headliners are fairly easy to do. Get the GOOD spray adhesive, not the cheap stuff. Take your time and it will turn out great.


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Well starting to think that I am not meant to be in an XJ again..LOL

Wed afternoon took the XJ to a local school that hubby was driving for so he could bring the bus home and I brought the Truck home. Well Thursday before I can get out of town for work Hubby calls and says that breaks went out...So I wait for him to ride with me to work just in case I can't get out of store without help. He had to be back at the school by lunch.

Well looking at the jeep once we got home on Thursday afternoon notice that rear drive tire has seperated...damn firestones.

Friday we are swapping tires out and checking the rear breaks only to find that somehow there is a hole rubbed in the backing plate area and the part that holds the spring on the bottom is gone. UGH!!!

Hoping to get it maybe welded up on wednesday so I can get started on other things....Since the tire puked will be running some Sweet 215s for a while..LOL

And to top it off my father in law found me another fixer upper for $600 that needs a transmission..thinking of at least looking at it...I do need another vehicle to leave at the shop so I can save one trip to town in gas each day.