My XJ build thread


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I went and got a junk yard motor for $500 and have been using that since, about 10 years. The head on mine was beyond repair and so it was just cheaper and faster to just replace the motor. That motor had no leaks.


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So the exhaust valve on cyl3 got stuck about an 1/8in open. after a long hard decision, i decided im not putting anymore money into it. Its been sold and is leaving me today.

ill post a pic of it leaving and then thatll be that for this thread.

i wish it didnt go this way but with the gtos and the daily drivers ive got plenty of holes to pour money into and the jeep wasnt getting used anyway. bad decision to buy it overall and going full retard building it as well.

next ride in the driveway is going to be my wife's late fathers 72 c10 that we will just be getting running and driving again.

Georgia Mike

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It's a hard decision to make when we've put forth so much time, money and effort into one of these things. I'm almost there with mine, so I understand completely. Good luck with your future endeavors!