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where are they at???

we have a interesting trip saturday....

ran thru trail 2, meandered over to crawler ridge, took j, j1 over to the west property, headed down 14 across rock creek and thats about where we made it.....

so we made a bunch of calls & ran up to the office, they had a tie rod set up that looked to be "pretty close".... so we took it back to get Lee off the trail....

did some custom fab

anyway the tie rod was close but the one wheel was still pointed way in, so it was almost impossible to drive.....

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everyone had fun playing with my tools using the impact and cutting stuff.....


trying to drive with crooked tires.....

back to the trailer

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Bacon...that is all
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it's ok. Mine wasn't there either. Except for one picture i took of it sitting at the top of a hill climb