NACFest 2019 To-Do list


Bring the Boom
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New to-do list.

1) Gas up XJ
2) Drive to PA.

and it was the greatest list ever.

Rob Mayercik

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Battery checks out.
Test drive good.
Headlight relays secured.
Gear loaded.

Just have to check headlight aim later and I'm ready.


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Awesome! Don't ask how I remember this but I know you have a love for labatts blue....there is plenty available cold at beer mountain distributors, about 4 miles from the campground..

Thought you might like to know.

Actually going to moab I learn stuff.
I remember learning this in Moab. Is it bad that it was of the top 3 reasons I decided on this event over the crawl?

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New to do list
change the oil
Install/Fab bottom half of the bell housing
Fill trans with oil
Install tie down points.
Drive to James house and load on trailer
All by the end of today.