Need to rant abut some Tone...


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So I find out today that one of the Teachers from my sons old school in El Segundo was arrested for molesting 5th grade boys ( kids mom sent me a text )

I find it very frustrating and upsetting that no matter where you go, there are people this fXXed up that take advantage of children. These Sick bastards need to be put down.

ON top of all this, I also find out through my kids mom that Her father Molested one of his grand daughters. The incident occurred when the little girl was 10 yrs old. All this was discovered when she complained that her moms new husband tried to touch her inappropriately, which let to an investigation which later revealed that my sons grandpa had molested her.

I told my Ex that Mathias is no longer allowed around granpa ( assuming he isn't arrested, then i have nothing to worry about ). If she even argues it, im taking her back to court just on the basis of her not honoring what i have asked. Any parent would agree that a child needs not to be around a child molester. The dad confessed to it and its odd to me that he hasnt been arrested. Even if His son isn't pressing charges, I would think the DA would. But I don't know the laws so...

I for one do not want my son around a child molester and there is no forgiving him for that.


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Get em into Karate. I do for my three little makos and it helps tremendously with ease of mind. Also firearm, blade, biting, kicking, screaming training helps too.


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I just assume there will be at least one of those people anywhere my children go (1x boy, 1x girl) so I constantly tell them they can talk to me, and nobody should be touching them or telling them to keep secrets from me. I'll always protect them, etc. Also when they get in trouble I make sure their punishment is fair and I don't over react so they don't starting thinking they need to hide stuff because they're just going to get in trouble anyway.

Also now that my son is 19 and been doing krav for a few years he's my enforcer.


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crazy. it's good people are getting smart about training their kids like happyslappy. this is what's getting these guys caught.

PS. i totally thought this was going to out Tone as a molester when i started reading.


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Funny this came up on NAXJA...I live in El Segundo (went to school here as well) and this is the 4th teacher involved in stuff like this in my 30 years of being on the planet. To me thats 4 too many. I can only imagine whats going in other districs as well.

My mom taught here for many years as well. Her suggestion is talk to your kids specifically about situations like this. Make sure they know it's not okay, make sure they know to tell someone. Where there is one victim, there are usually more :(

Sucks to hear man. Good luck with all the other stuff as well.


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So a grade school teacher gets arrested for molesting a child and you get the news from a text sent by a parent?

Where is the school in this?


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depends on the dose i guess. overdosing on crack cocaine i would imagine could be a rough way to go.


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Julio, don't know how old your son is, but I've been teaching my daughter from a very early age not to take any crap from anybody....

I've told her that if anyone makes her feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY to use as much force as is needed to get out and get away. Up to and including broken bones and bruised ball sacks....

I also assured her (I think this is important) to go with her gut instinct and react immediately to the threat. Don't hesitate.

I told her no matter what happens, I would have her back 100% 24-7... That way she wouldn't hesitate worrying about getting in trouble with the authorities....

And lastly I showed her all the good spots on the human body to get the kind of reaction she wants from people that might try to do her harm....

Oh, and if you caught it in the off-topic section, I took her to the gun range a couple of weeks ago....:)


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That sickens me. We had a guy work that got caught with child porn and loaded weapons while at a post office. The cops did a sting on him. He also had literature titled how to seduce a child. He didn't last 1 year in prison. He is now deceased. Good riddance. I hope the devil butt phucks him in hell.