Needed to borrow or purchase cheap ASAP!!!!!

Ok guys, I am about to become a GRAMP'S in the next few days and we will be taking ALOT of trips to Ft Mohave, AZ in the 01 Cheropile and it does NOT have enough room for everything inside along with the dogs.
I am looking for one of those storage units that goes into the tow reciever hitch and rides along back there instead of on top of the roof. I figure 18MPG is bad enough.
If someone has one I can borrow for this weekend I WOULD GREATLY appreciate it, or if you have one to sell or know where I can get one I would appreciate it as well.
I have a LARGE ice chest that I can strap to it and throw the luggage into that alng with most other stuff and allow the dogs to use the rear cargo area to ride along in and NOT lay on our stuff.


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